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This is Professor Paul C. King relating today’s workshop experience.

Today we spent a great day with the adjunct faculty at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Along with my colleagues from New York City College of Technology Prof’s Janet Liou-Mark and Gwen Cohen-Brown we ran a full day Reflective Teaching Portfolio workshop as part of FIT’s Adjunct Summer Institute. We were impressed by the energy of the faculty and are grateful for the positive response to our presentations and workshop activities.

Many interesting ideas were presented in the morning collaborative curriculum development session and we hope that some of these ideas will make their way into the curriculum. I know that many in attendance would love to sit in on many of the proposed new courses.

We hope that we have helped you to begin the journey towards the development of your own teaching portfolios and will make use of its reflective nature to enhance your teaching. I encourage you to make use of the many methods that were demonstrated and discussed.

Hopefully we have also fostered some long-term friendships among faculty who may not have known each other prior to this workshop and have set the stage for future collaborations.

I look forward to hearing of the great things the faculty at FIT are doing and send my thanks to all who attended.


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